Why a retreat will be good for all of us in 2023!

Every year we take time off from our busy lives in order to relax and recharge. Instead of a regular holiday, an actual retreat can give you a sanctuary that allows for a deeper physical and emotional break from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

It might be time in the countryside, breathing proper fresh air, turning off your mobile, spending time with your partner, talking to someone else or connecting with animals that will give you a chance to concentrate on you.

Here are SIX good reasons why a retreat could be the best thing you do in 2023:

Nature allows you to unwind
A retreat offers a closeness to nature that you don’t get in day to day life. A chance to reconnect with healing elements that humans thrive on. Natural environments affect human health and well-being both directly and indirectly. Nature provides opportunities for wonderful physical exercise and essential recovery from stress.

You take a step away from home & your daily routine
When you’re out in nature and away from the day to day grind it is much easier to concentrate on you. Taking part in a retreat that is close to nature offers the perfect setting and space to forget about life’s hustles and stresses.

Time to reconnect, reflect and renew yourself
A retreat can be life-changing as it provides you with time to reconnect and bring back the joy and energy of life. It can also help give you clarity on decisions that are hard to make when you’re in your usual space. Lots of studies show that holidays are a quick fix whereas retreats can improve long-term health.

Positive change towards a healthier and more conscious way of life
A soothing environment, healthy meals, time in nature and space to think and reflect are all beneficial for a healthy lifestyle. When guests complete a retreat and return to their normal life pattern, they are re-energised, refocused and have collected healthy practices they can easily put into action for themselves.

Access to expert advice
Retreats include sessions by professionals who support you in finding balance and a sense of well-being. Whether it’s coaching, therapy, meditation, yoga or more, these experts give you tools to integrate into your daily lifestyle for the better.

Unplugging the tech improves your decision-making 
Too many things all at once lead to a scrambled brain. Turn off the social media, email, texts, phone and more for a few days and think only about what’s in front of you right now. I’s proven that multitasking and digital stimulation addiction lead to poor decision-making and slowing down with mindfulness will help you make better decisions.

With all this in mind it’s time to do something about it. Join us on one of our Ultimate Retreats here in the Bath countryside. Our Couples Rejuvenation & Revitalisation Retreat or our Regain Your Magnificence Equine Retreat.

Do something for you in 2023.