Taking Classroom Theory to the Outdoors with Escentia

 Together with the team at Escentia, we swapped a warm boardroom morning session for an afternoon in a paddock, working with our horses.

Clients are always intrigued to hear how these magnificent animals can enhance their practical learning and here are just a few of the reasons why working with horses is so effective:

Why Horses? 8 Incredible Reasons:

  • They are non-judgemental
  • They show congruent leadership
  • They are amplified systems of non-verbal communication.
  • They show us the intense value between commitment & real intention
  • Take us out of the normal way of working
  • They live in the present.
  • They respond to the environment first & then the mind takes over
  • They act as a powerful mirror and provide us with an honest conversation

“Horses are experts in non-verbal communication and 93% of human communication is non-verbal. Learning how to develop respect trust and how to communicate with these magnificent natural leaders, simulates real life situations with people and provides valuable information on your leadership styles and how others perceive you.”

The team at Escentia believe in enhancing leadership theory and learnings gained in the classroom with practical application within nature to maximise personal and professional growth. I’ve known their founder Paula for many years and we are great friends. We’ve built a strong business partnership based on our shared values and beliefs.

Here at N-Stinctive, we work with Escentia to add our paddock sessions to their other workshops. They incorporate both classroom and outdoor learning elements such as team building events, woodland hikes or memorable campfire moments to their innovative leadership training.

The feedback from the shared group was fabulous. In fact, one member of the team quoted it as being the “best team event ever!”

Get in touch today if you and your team are looking for an opportunity to take leadership theory to the outdoors, and learn more about our leadership development programmes.