Five star Goodreads reviews for Rosie's new book

Three leading book reviewers have given Rosie’s new book the thumbs up. Due out at the end of the month, it is wonderful to read the  first glowing previews of Let Nature Be Your Compass.

The Book Addict calls it “A unique read.” – a self-development book like no other.

Readers Choice shares their views…

Rosie Tomkins’ “Let Nature Be Your Compass” gives insights to readers about instinctive intelligence. It tells the readers that we are not in nature, we are nature. The author is introducing the concept of Natural Intelligence to the readers through this book. 

People aren’t much aware about natural intelligence and it’s high time for them to be aware of it and include it in their decision making. The author has highlighted the importance of controlling our energy. We need to identify positive and negative energy symptoms. Self-reflection is very important for success in our personal and professional life. If we use only natural intelligence without the other intelligences then it could be dangerous. Therefore, the author has mentioned to use all forms of intelligence in leadership and decision making.

This book will help the readers a lot in the leadership arena. To bring more harmony into your business, it’s important for you to understand that all intelligences are linked together. Instinctive Insights questions at the end of the chapters are thought provoking. The tips shared in this book would help in making our lives better when we implement them. This book is an engaging read. I strongly recommend it to my fellow readers.

Sassy_39 agrees…….

“Let Nature Be Your Compass: Introducing the Power of Natural Intelligence” written by the author Rosie Tomkins is a must read book. By reading this book, the readers would get to know more about the human connection with the natural world.

Through this book, the author is opening the readers’ eyes to natural intelligence which is the positive use of our instincts, insights and perceptions. The author has shared the success formula with us:

IQ + EQ +SQ + NQ (Natural Intelligence) = Success.

‘The paradox of our age’ is a realization of how we aren’t living the ideal life. The core values list would help me in knowing myself better. The author has mentioned a lot about energy in this book. She has shared with us how we can get amazing results:

Energy + Execution = Extraordinary Results

It is an engaging read. Many times, you would reflect and analyze things. This is a great self-help and business book. I appreciate the author for sharing valuable lessons in this book. One could learn a lot from this well written book. Before reading this book, I wasn’t aware of the term natural intelligence. Now, I have gained amazing insights about it. Go ahead with this book without any second thoughts. This book could transform your life if you apply the learnings from it well in your life.

The Book Addict says….

I love reading business books and self-help books. This time, I read “Let Nature be your Compass” penned by Rosie Tomkins. In this book, the author has mentioned that how we can shape our lives by making natural intelligence a part of it.

Energy plays a vital role in our personal, professional or business life. Energy helps us to know when we should step up, step down, collaborate, take charge, etc. Understanding how one can change energy gives their team an advantage. After understanding energy properly, one can turn a team from low motivation to being energised. Reflecting “What attitude of energy is not serving us right now?” could also help a lot in taking business to the next level.

This is a unique read. The concept of Natural intelligence is new to me. I am grateful to the author for sharing insights about it with the readers. I will definitely apply it in my business and leadership arena. This book is a valuable read and more people should get their hands on this book. One can keep a journal while reading this book and make important notes as well.

Let Nature Be Your Compass is available for pre-order now at both Barnes & Noble and Amazon