Finding your true north

To get to the North Pole or “True North” just following the needle on a compass won’t work, it will take you to magnetic north. In order to find True North, you would have to use other navigational tools.

In business the definition of true north, is often defined as a “fixed point in a spinning world.”  A helpful metaphor to help us proceed on the correct course or in the right direction.

In 2020 most of us will be facing change, life decisions, work decisions, relationship decisions, health decisions are all part of a new course that we are trying to plot. Are we feeling some trepidation or feeling of uncertainty for what lies ahead? Are we entering unchartered waters?

Do we need to reflect on what is true? How to stay grounded? Do we always trust our own judgement?

I am pioneering something different, not something new. This particular compass has always been by our side, from the beginning of time, however have we taken it for granted? 

So instead of making New Year’s resolutions, asking the experts, reading the books, absorbing the knowledge, perhaps we could simplify our lives and let nature be our compass?

Does that sound a bit flaky a bit tree huggee!!  I will challenge you to think long and hard about the nature and environment outside your window or door.  Animals in the wild have to have discipline, to stockpile resources, to find food each day, to find shelter in order to survive, their life depends upon it and there is no one to ask for help. Animals and birds have to be resilient and resourceful if they stop moving forward, they die. They have to find their own way and cannot follow in the steps of others, an Eagle does not have the same survival strategy as a rabbit. 

We too are animals, just a different species a highly intelligent species with 400,000 years of leadership DNA hardwired into our systems. We have learnt how to survive or we would not be on this planet, but unfortunately are highly high intelligence comes at a cost and we forget the basics of living successfully.

I love this story of a gifted and courageous tight rope walker who asks his audience if they think that he can walk across a tight rope over a precipice with a wheelbarrow? Do the crowd believe that he can make this journey safely?  The audience reply with great gusto of course you will be successful they reply. The tight rope walker asks the crowd if you believe and trust that I can do this, which of you would like to sit in my wheelbarrow?

Our True North, is embedded in this type of courage and confidence, we need to trust ourselves, work out our new direction, know what our individual intentions are, and be prepared to take responsibility for our actions.  Just like all the millions of living things that are outside our front door.

I am preparing to let nature be my compass this year allow things to unfold organically to remember the courage and determination of all natural and living things both great and small. To let nature be a balm for all that comes my way, and find my own true North. How about you?