a work retreat that everyone can enjoy, not just the boss!

With remote and hybrid working now ingrained in most UK organisations, the need to bring our work and business teams together in person every now and again, is more important than ever.

If we don’t do it, then we lose the element of human interaction, our people don’t have the same sense of belonging and we don’t show how much we value our people. With that said, there seems to be a surge in retreats where bosses clearly aren’t thinking about what all of the team might enjoy.

Last weekend saw a lengthy article on the BBC News website where various employees shared their painful experiences of 5-day long retreats, sharing rooms with bosses, too much alcohol, awkward challenges and embarrassing games and the list goes on.

The common theme seemed to be that the boss really hadn’t thought about what might work for all the team, however well intentioned. The idea of offsite bonding is a great one but the consistent feedback from these chats with employees and the research and interviews, is that they’d much prefer a low-key activity or to spend time outdoors in nature. Something real and a contrast to the normal work life.

Here at N-Stinctive we might just have the perfect solution. Our Inspirational Team Development Days are low key, outdoors, based in the beautiful Bath countryside, can be as short as a day if needed or a peaceful 48 hours, and are a complete hit with all those that have already participated.

As we would say, “If everyone is moving forward together then success takes care of itself.”

From pharmaceutical companies to elite sports teams, engineers and airline staff, to public sector departments and high-end start-ups, it’s amazing what reconnecting with nature can do. Drop us a message and find out more about what’s on offer. Get in touch with us today – email rosie@n-stinctive.com


Deputy Medical Director, University Hospitals Bristol & Western NHS Foundation Trust