Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential

Here at N-Stinctive we are incredibly proud to work alongside Paula Tully and her hard-working team at Escentia.

Last week their leadership programme was fully approved by The Institute of Leadership.

Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential has achieved full recognition from the organisation.

Read more of the story and journey from founder Paula herself. “When I set up Escentia over 5.5 years ago, one of my passions was to enable key talent to have immediate access to everything that I wished that I had been given access to, that over time accelerated my growth as an enterprise leader. It came to me over many years of leading, living and learning as a global senior VP but the question was- what if I could speed that learning up for others ?

The launch of our leadership programme in 2023 was this dream unfolding.

Today we are thrilled to announce that our leadership development programme: Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential has now achieved Institute Approved recognition by The Institute of Leadership. This is such an important achievement for Escentia because it means that our leadership programme has been independently verified as world-class, and Institute Approved for our delegates – meeting the Institute’s 5 Dimensions of Leadership quality standard: Authenticity, Vision, Achievement, Ownership and Collaboration.

Delegates joining our programme automatically become a Student member of the Institute of Leadership, with access to the Institute’s portal resources: webinars, podcasts, blogs, research and the Community Forum. On completion of our course, delegates receive an Institute certificate and become a Member of the Institute, with enhanced access to further e-learning and other Institute resources. This really will enable a sustainable development plan post completion which is one of our commitments at the end of this journey.”

You can contact Escentia for details about the 2024 programme via their website or e-mail Paula at paulatully@escentia.co.uk