Ten good reasons to read a real book

We all lead busy lives and it’s very easy for us to spend way too much staring at phone screens, laptops, gaming consoles and TVs. They’re all there waiting to hoover up our precious spare hours. But what if we tried doing something the old fashioned way?

There is a huge amount of research on why reading a real book – with paper pages and print no less – does so much good for our mind and may even help you live longer.

A few of the very good reasons why reading a book is good for us all:

·       Strengthens the brain

·       Increases empathy

·       Builds vocabulary

·       Prevents cognitive decline

·       Reduces stress

·       Aids sleep

·       Alleviates depression

·       Lengthens lifespan

·       Teaches you something new

·       Opens your mind

Here at N-Stinctive we have our very own book that’s good for the brain. The Power of Natural Intelligence written by our founder Rosie Tomkins. An award-winning author, entrepreneur, respected coach and leadership trainer who specialises in the connection to nature known as natural intelligence.

You can read this inspirational book in a day and learn so much about developing yourself and others. It will show you how to unlock the power of the natural world to provide strength and confidence to people who are shouldering huge responsibility. The Power of Natural Intelligence also helps individuals and teams to thrive and flourish by re-connecting with their own innate strengths and beliefs – the secret ingredient.

If you’ve read this blog and are feeling inspired to read and learn something new, then we’d love to hear from you. For your free copy of The Power of Natural Intelligence by Rosie Tomkins, email us at rosie@n-stinctive.com with the subject line “Inspire Me” and we’ll pop one in the post. 

Happy reading…..