a side of horsing around with a main course of n-stinctive intelligence

A side of horsing around with a main course of N-Stinctive Intelligence

It’s the season! Or so they say. The social calendar is now in full swing, and a lot of it seems to involve horses.

We’ve enjoyed The Royal Windsor Horse Show, we’ve just had polo in the park at the Hurlingham, and we welcome the mad hatters of The Royal Ascot this week.

This is the inaugural blog post of N-Stinctive and here we have a very different interest in these wonderful four-legged gentle giants – and it does not even involve riding them!

At N-Stinctive we have a team of 4 rescue ex-racehorses who hold the key to unlocking your full capabilities as a contemporary leader in our society. Through various exercises they provide an extensive list of living metaphors to show us where we are lacking and where our strengths lie.

Nature holds many an answer to life’s complexities, if only we stopped every once in a while, and listened to our instinct and to energy, we might be able to read situations and people more effectively. Nature is totally free of corruption, fakery, ego and deception.

Through our brilliant ex-gallopers, we can show leaders how to become more collaborative and how to change leadership styles in reaction to different business situations and environments. Overall bringing a level of harmony and balance into one’s life; which can even extend to within the personal as well as the corporate.

In nature, animals instinctively know the best survival strategy, it’s built into their DNA. They trust it implicitly to stay alive. Human beings have 300,000 years of leadership DNA – but have stopped trusting it and no longer know how to access it. Through her extensive research, studies and experiments Rosie Tomkins has developed an absolute gem of a concept – NQ (Natural Intelligence).

We will be enjoying the social side of these wonderful animals this season, but we will also keep you up to date on what we’re doing here at N-Stinctive. Stay tuned…