A work retreat for the whole team, not just the boss!

a work retreat that everyone can enjoy, not just the boss! With remote and hybrid working now ingrained in most UK organisations, the need to bring our work and business teams together in person every now and again, is more important than ever. If we don’t do it, then we lose the element of human […]

The best project you’ll ever work on is you!

The best project you’ll ever work on is you! No question. We often forget about ourselves and concentrate too much on the needs of others whether it’s at home, work or with our friends. Sometimes it’s good to look after number one first, because if we don’t invest in ourselves then we will run out […]

Why a retreat will be good for all of us in 2023

Why a retreat will be good for all of us in 2023! Every year we take time off from our busy lives in order to relax and recharge. Instead of a regular holiday, an actual retreat can give you a sanctuary that allows for a deeper physical and emotional break from the stresses and strains […]

Ten good reasons to read a real book

Ten good reasons to read a real book We all lead busy lives and it’s very easy for us to spend way too much staring at phone screens, laptops, gaming consoles and TVs. They’re all there waiting to hoover up our precious spare hours. But what if we tried doing something the old fashioned way? […]

Taking the classroom to the outdoors with Escentia

Taking Classroom Theory to the Outdoors with Escentia  Together with the team at Escentia, we swapped a warm boardroom morning session for an afternoon in a paddock, working with our horses. Clients are always intrigued to hear how these magnificent animals can enhance their practical learning and here are just a few of the reasons […]

Finding your true north

FINDING YOUR TRUE NORTH Finding your true north To get to the North Pole or “True North” just following the needle on a compass won’t work, it will take you to magnetic north. In order to find True North, you would have to use other navigational tools. In business the definition of true north, is […]

Leading in the ‘N-Stinctive’ field

LEADING IN THE N-STINCTIVE FIELD Leading in the ‘N-Stinctive’ field America has a deep history of pioneering and globally impactful inventions, from Thomas Edison’s electric lightbulb in 1879 to Wright’s aeroplane in 1903, or indeed Microsoft in 1975. After my summer months spent in Colorado I acknowledged that once again they appear to be further […]