The Confident Leader in Change

the confident leader in change Last week, we were delighted to kick off Module 1 of the 2024 Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential programme, which has been accredited by the Institute of Leadership. Our inspiring group of talented leaders joined us in West Sussex for a 2-day immersive session, where leaders became clear on: the […]

“A unique read.” – 5 star reviews for Rosie’s new book

Five star Goodreads reviews for Rosie’s new book Three leading book reviewers have given Rosie’s new book the thumbs up. Due out at the end of the month, it is wonderful to read the  first glowing previews of Let Nature Be Your Compass. The Book Addict calls it “A unique read.” – a self-development book […]

Escentia Leadership Programme wins Institute of Leadership approval

Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential Here at N-Stinctive we are incredibly proud to work alongside Paula Tully and her hard-working team at Escentia. Last week their leadership programme was fully approved by The Institute of Leadership. Unlocking Your Leadership Growth Potential has achieved full recognition from the organisation. Read more of the story and journey […]

A work retreat for the whole team, not just the boss!

a work retreat that everyone can enjoy, not just the boss! With remote and hybrid working now ingrained in most UK organisations, the need to bring our work and business teams together in person every now and again, is more important than ever. If we don’t do it, then we lose the element of human […]